„EBEN“ mit Charlotte Perrin am Samstag den 16.09.2017 um 18 Uhr

Charlotte Perrin

Beyond the ballast, missing the smell of gasoline and the greasy faces
imagine a platform where one could stand
neck craned up to the ceiling
until gravity pulls back
What if one single word is said
precisely, crisply resonating on every tile
E coated in B and N
No windows to look nor let any sound out
but light pours in through frosted glass
Holey wall mapping previous preparations
Will robots dare repair,
perched on scaffoldings?

Poem for eben by Gloria Maso

Eröffnung: Samstag, 16. September, 18 Uhr
16. September bis 15. Oktober 2017

Samstags und Sonntags 16 – 18 Uhr
und nach Vereinbarung

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